Bra Size Calculator

Measuring yourself to get the right size bra can be quite complicated.  We would always recommend that you come in and visit as all women are slightly different, and all makes of bra have different "quirks" to their fitting.  However we appreciate that this is not always possible, so we have invented a "calculator" to try and make things easier for those of you who want to do it yourselves.

In order to get the right size you will need two measurements: your "Under-Bust Size", and your "Over-Bust Size".  Once you have these two measurements just plug them into the calculator below and it will show your correct bra size (based on the measurements you put in).  Guidance on where to measure yourself is shown below.

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Under-bust size (A)



Over-bust size (B)



PLEASE NOTE:  this calculates based on your UK size

Most of our bras are sized using the UK system, where certain cup sizes have two letters (DD, FF, GG, HH, JJ).

Just to make things even more complicated some European manufacturers (most notably Anita) use a slightly different system where only one letter is used.  This means that, for these manufacturers, you need to convert the UK size to the European size using the table below:

UK Size (from Calculator) D DD E F FF G GG H HH J JJ
European Size D E F G H

This means, for example, that if you are a UK DD cup, you would need an E Cup in an Anita product. As you can see this is vitally important in ensuring you get the right bra.

DON'T WORRY: To keep things simple we have done the conversion for you

All Bras where European sizes apply are clearly marked (in the product description) and when you select the Cup Size you will see both sizes displayed (the European Size first and the corresponding UK size in brackets).

1.  Under-Bust Size

You need to take the measurement with the tape held tight - as tight as your bra band will be.

Your Under-Bust Size is measured with your bra ON, by measuring completely around your chest, just underneath your bust.  Please make sure your tape measure remains flat, and round UP any half inches to the next whole number. 

This determines your back size, just input this number into the calculator making sure you identify if the measure is in inches or centimeters. 

Please note: do not be surpised that the calculator will give a back size larger than the measurement that you input, this is correct.  Your back size will be 4" more than your measurement (if it was an even number) or 5" more (if it was an odd number of inches).

2. Over-Bust Size

You need to take this with the tape held normally - not tight .

Your Over-Bust Size is measured with your bra ON.  Once again make sure your tape is flat (this is why it is quite difficult to measure yourself !).  You can either:

-  measure around your chest across the FULLEST part of your bust; or

-  measure from the centre of your sternum (chest bone) round to the centre of you spine, across the FULLEST part of your bust, and then multiply this measurement by 2.

This is your Over-Bust Size. Once again round UP any half inches to the next whole number.

It is this measurement that indicates your Cup Size.  The calculation of cup size is fairly complicated - which is why we invented the calculator.  So we won't bore you with the detail.

Just input the number into the calculator making sure you identify if the measurement is in inches or centimetres.

3.  Calculate your size

To calculate your size, all you need to do is input the two measurements, and press the "Calculate my Size" and there you go!