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The first of our new swimwear ranges have just landed.  Take a look at the Panache Britt.

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Stockings, Hold-Ups and Tights

I have put together a small collection of hosiery.  Having searched around for a couple of years I have decided to centre the collection around the Falke range of products.  This is a really lovely, high quality range of products which will complement your lingerie choices.

There are some subtle differences in the range, which can best be summarised as below:

Lace Top Stockings and Hold-Ups.  I sell more of these than anything else and they are the traditional bridal hosiery choice.  They have a luxurious deep lace band at the top with gives a great look and feel.

Open Toe Hold-Ups and Tights:  These have a completely open toe.  The bottom of the hold-up or tights is held in place by a subtle band of elasticated silicone (much like the one at the top of the hold-ups).  They look great in open or peep toe shoes, and are only available in a natural colour.

Sandal Toe Hold-Ups and Tights.  These have a toe that has no seams or re-inforcement - so they do not have the darker re-inforced area at the end of the toe.  This gives a very natural look in open or peep toe shoes - if you prefer not to go down the open toe route.