We have had to change the way we work in our shop to make sure it is a safe place for our team and for our customers.  We are taking this very seriously and as a result we have adopted the following principles:

1.  The number of customers in the shop will be limited to ensure, wherever possible, social distancing can be maintained

2.  We will maintain social distancing wherever possible.  Where this is not possible customers and our team will be required to wear face covering masks. We have a supply of disposal masks if you do not have your own.

3.  Within the more intimate setting of a fitting room - our bra fitters will wear protective gloves, masks and face shields.  Customers will be required to wear a face covering

4.  A strict cleaning regime will be implemented after each use of a fitting room

Before coming to the shop

We will be operating by appointment only - so please call the shop to book-in. 

You may still come to the shop without an appointment - but you will have to book a time when you arrive.  We may well not be able to see you straight away, and you may be unable to wait in the shop.

To help us manage the number of people in the shop, wherever possible, please come on your own - but as a maximum you can come with one other person.

Entering the shop

Access to the shop will be controlled.  Please obtain the attention of one of our staff before you enter  They will let you know if there is enough room for you to come in.

On entering you must immediately clean your hands with the sanitiser provided.

We will check your temperature.  If it is above 37.5'C we will not be able to serve you

Only then can you proceed to the waiting area.

In the waiting area

Social distancing can be maintained within the waiting area

You may look at any product at the front of the shop as long as you maintain social distancing

Do not leave the waiting area which will be marked by tape on the floor unless invited to do so by one of our team

We will be unable to provide drinks, and you will not be able to use the toilets


All fittings will take place in the upstairs fitting rooms

If you have a fitting you will be escorted upstairs by one of our team. 

While being fitted it will not be possible to maintain social distancing.  For protection:

- You must wear a face covering - we have a supply of disposable masks if you do not have your own

- Our bra fitters will wear gloves, a face mask and a visor

- Please minimise the time you are standing face to face


Please maintain a distance of 1m from the payment desk.

The card machine will be placed so it can be accessed from 1m away

After purchase please leave the shop - maintaining social distancing from anyone in the Waiting area

After the fitting

All items that were tried on and not purchased will be placed into a dated basket and quarantined for 72 hours

The fitting room and stairway will be cleaned in preparation for the next fitting.  This will include a wipe down of areas that have been touched.  This will include: mirrors, door handles, chairs, and the bannisters on the stairs

We are doing everything we can to keep our team and our customers safe.  Please be patient and please observe all the safety actions you are asked to do.