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Low Back Bridal Basques and Bustiers

I have put together a collection of bridal basques which I believe represent some of the nicest, great quality, bridal basques you will find.  They are especially designed to give you the silhouette you want.  They are all beautifully made, and are strong enough to gently shape your body, yet look very delicate.

I have included three types of basque (each product includes rear views so you can see how low the back is on each one):


These are full length basques and come all the way down to the top of your hips.  The rear of these basques comes up to approximately 1" below where the bottom of your bra band would sit - so it does have a slightly low back. 

These would always be my starting point for anyone looking for a basque, as they provide great shaping down your whole torso, and provide maximum support to your bust.  I would look at the other types if you need a lower back, or a bit of a plunge.

Deep Plunge Low Back Basque

These basques have more of a plunge front, combined with a low back, and come in a number of styles.  The basques come down just past your waist, and the rear comes mid-way between your waist and where your bra band would sit. There is also a push-up version which has a slightly more padding in the cup.

Extremely low backed bustiers

These bustiers essentially fasten at your waist.  They are ideal for backless or very low backed dresses.  I am not aware of any other quality basques that provide the shape and support that these do, combined with the backless look.