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Bra Review: Anita Rosa Faia “Twin” – 5490

Part of the Rosa Faia range The Twin / 5490  is Anita’s top selling bra – and I can really see why.  It has been one of my favourites in the shop since we opened seven years ago – and is still my top selling bra.

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This is a fantastic bra !  Highly recommended, I wear it all the time.

I refer to the 5490 as  “slippers for boobs”.  In my opinion, this is the most comfortable t-shirt bra you will ever try on – probably the most comfortable bra I have ever come across.  Not the most glamorous looking bra – but who cares when it feels like this !!


Why would I buy this bra ?


You simply have to try it to know the answer.  If you find wearing a bra a bit uncomfortable – then this one could really transform your life.  Even if you don’t fancy it for at work – slip on your slippers when you get back from work – great support and great comfort, and way better than going bra-less.


Detailed Bra Review


1.  Comfort


In my opinion, the most comfortable bra you will ever try.  The combination of a flexible underwire, a bit of stretch in the cup fabric and great quality materials  make this a really comfortable bra to wear.

The bra has the most comfortable flexible underwire you will come across.  It does its job to shape and support, but when wearing the bra it is hard to believe there is an underwire there.  The molded shape of the cup also seems to fit most women really well.


2.  Appearance


Well its not the most glamorous or delicate looking of bras.  Smooth featureless cups and rather wide straps make for a bra that has obviously been designed for comfort rather than looks.

This has, unfortunately put some people off trying it.  Whenever I suggest it for one of my customers to try on – I always get a slight frown when they see it come out of the box.  However, this is almost always followed by a smile of delight and surprise when they actually try it on.

I find the bra gives a characteristically “Anita” shape to your boobs – a bit more rounded in shape than some other brands.


3.  Construction


Cleverly constructed with really good quality materials this bra should last you several years.

5490_cup5490-strap 5490-side5490-back

Cups – smooth seamfree microfibre cups have a double layer of fabric to reduce nipple show, and provide an invisible look under clothing.  There is a slight stretch in the material of the cup, which makes this a very forgiving bra to wear.  Larger cup sizes have a secret inner sling to boost support for heavier boobs.

Band– there is no side seaming or boning, but the band has a deep side wing which really enhances the support and comfort of the bra.

Underwire – the flexible underwire is amazingly comfortable, and difficult to notice when wearing the bra.  This help shape your breasts and provides great support.

Straps – wide comfort straps are a major comfort feature with this bra – they are over an inch wide and slightly padded – which is perfect when supporting the weight of a larger boob.  They are adjustable – but I do find the adjustment a little less than some other brands.

Back – traditional hook and eye fastening.  Larger back and cup sizes have 3 hooks & eyes, smaller have two.


4.  Material


The smooth microfibre feels comfortable against the skin.  Clothes slide easily over the fabric to give a really smooth silhouette.

70% Nylon / 30% Elastane.




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