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How to look after your Bras

Because your bras are individually worn more often than any other item of clothing in your wardrobe, special care should be taken to ensure they last.  Since a good bra can be rather expensive, it is in your best interest to maintain it for as  long as you can.  Delicates are called delicates for a reason and require  special care.  In general, a bra may last an average of no longer than two years.


So what should you do to prolong the life of your bras….


1.  Have at least 3 ‘everyday’ bras to wear


You should have at least three of the bras that you wear all the time.  One to wash, one to wear and one drying. By rotating your everyday bras regularly you can extend the life of the bra rather than wear one bra constantly.


2.  Wash Your Bras Often


You might think that washing them less frequently would be better.  However, it is really a personal hygiene issue  Depending on a woman’s personal hygiene a standard bra may be worn a couple of times before it needs to be washed.  Sports bras will probably need to be washed more often.


3.  Hand Wash Bras, If Possible


Yes – they are called delicates for a reason.  Ideally you should hand wash your bras rather than toss them into the washing machine with other garments.  Hand washing in cool water with a gentle soap is the ideal situation.


4.  Use the Gentle Cycle


If you are washing in a machine then it is very important to wash bras and other lingerie on the gentle cycle in cool water.  Delicates do not always fare well with a lot of movement and agitation. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions for care info.


5.  Hook the Clasps Before Washing


This is really important as the hooks can damage the bra, damage other clothes and be bent if they get stuck in the drum of your washing machine.  Many women spend loads of time detangling a bunch of bras because the clasps were not secured before the bra was washed.   Always fasten the clasps on a bra before washing.   Save damaging other clothing.


6.  Use a Lingerie Laundry Bag


To keep your bras separate from the other pieces of clothing in the wash, place them in a laundry bag designed especially for lingerie.   Essential for the care of your bra.



7.  Avoid Using Bleach


Using harsh ingredients will harm a bra’s elasticity and fabric, so it is best to avoid using bleach or harsh detergents.


8.  Keeps Whites and Colours Separate


This tried and tested rule is for all laundry and is especially important for bras and lingerie.  Due to the fact that bras and other lingerie often contain synthetic fibres, there is a greater propensity to pick up dye colours.


9.  Keep Loads Light


Be sure not to overstuff the washing machine.  Heavy items, such as towels, sheets, and denim, could do damage to bras.  Wash items containing lycra / elastane together.


10.  Hang to Dry


Hang bras to dry.  The extreme heat of a tumble dryer can do major damage.Cotton bras may even shrink a little. Either hang the bra up by the strap or lay it to dry on a towel with the cups facing up.



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