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How do I know if my bra is the correct size

As time go by we don’t often notice that gaining or loosing a little bit of weight each year has altered our bra size.  We tend to stick to the same style of bra (and size ) year after year without ever checking if it suits our new shape.

Fluctuations in hormones can affect the size and shape of breast tissue but the main culprit is weight change.

As we get older we tend to hold weight in different places – across the back, on the tummy and often in the breast area.  Many of my customers feel that if they gain only a small amount of weight it goes straight to their boobs making their bras uncomfortable.  Often ladies can still be in the correct cup size but they need a stronger support bra or maybe a fuller cup.

If you have gained or lost weight then get a good bra fitting. Believe me, it can make such a difference to your figure and your confidence.


How to spot when your bra is too small…


The tell-tale signs of your bra being too small are:

  • You have breast tissue popping out over the top of your cup (or, as we call it, the dreaded “double-boob” look);
  • The back of your bra is too tight and uncomfortable;
  • Your straps dig into your shoulders (this is NOT because you have big heavy boobs – it is because you are in the wrong size);
  • You have too much flesh showing at the sides of your bra.


How to tell when your bra is too large…


The main ways to tell your bra is too big are:

  • You are getting rashes or sweat patches under your boobs;
  • The back of your bra rides up across your shoulder blades;
  • Your bra straps keep falling off your shoulders;
  • The front of your cups fall forwards with a gap
  • Your bras shuffle around when you move and you constantly have to adjust them
  • The are cups too big and dont give any lift.


All of these problems can be fixed simply by getting a good fitting bra

Remember, as well, if you are tempted to sit around in the evening without wearing a bra THEN DON’T.  Your boobs need a good soft support bra.  Your don’t need to wear the same bras as you do during the day – so find yourself some really comfortable bras for when you are at home.

Do yourself a favour and get a correctly fitting bra.


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