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Bra Review: Anita Safina Sera (5349) Pocketed Mastectomy Bra

The Anita Safina Sera, normally referred to as the “5349”  is one of Anita’s top mastectomy bras, and is one of my best sellers.

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This is a fantastic non-wired mastectomy bra – its the one I sell the most of when fitting customers in the shop.  It is really cleverly designed and is great for larger cup and back sizes. It gives fantastic support while still providing a delicate touch with the semi sheer lace panel.


Detailed review – Anita 5349 Safina




This non-wired bra is very supportive – making it ideal for a larger breast form. Many ladies suffer from a heavier or larger breast form falling forward in the cup and exposing either a flat chest wall or scars. If this is the case, then this is the bra I usually turn to. The construction is so clever –  it has an elasticated, but secure, panel along the top cup that clings to the chest wall helping the breast form stay in position and hiding the edge.

It also has nice deep side wings to give support to excess skin or scarring under the armpit – and makes it a good choice if you are suffering from lymphedema and need support to help prevent areas from swelling up.




The cups are non padded, and the main portion of the pocket is made of cotton – which many ladies prefer against their skin.

The top cups have a lovely semi sheer lace panel. It’s sheer enough to just make out skin tone underneath but dense enough not to allow anyone to see the prosthesis through it. The top edge of the cup is very cleverly designed with two deep elasticated panels.  This ensures that the bra stays on your chest wall – keeping your form in place – giving greater security and completely concealing it.  This makes it a great choice if you have had problems with heavier breast forms falling forward or moving around.




The straps are really wide and padded  making them very comfortable.  The width of the straps increases with the larger sizes. They are adjustable at the back.




I love the design of this bra.  It is pretty to look at and has a semi sheer lace panel in the cup, but it is virtually impossible to tell you are wearing a breast form.  The sheer lace panel lets your breast and breast form show through, but the solid elasticated edge completely hides the edge of your form.  It gives a really natural look.


Size and Fit


The bra comes in a great range of sizes which covers both larger back and cup sizes.

This bra is made in Germany and so has European sizes (they miss out the DD size on this bra).  I also find that the cup comes up approximately half a cup on the generous size.

Back Sizes 34-44 have cups A – F  (which I find to be A/B to F/G)

Back Sizes 46-50 have cups A – D (which I find to be A/B to D/DD)

As a result if you are slightly small in your normal cup size – I would suggest going down a cup size in this bra.  So, for example,  if you are a small D cup – then you should consider going for a C cup instead.



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