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Anita Breast Forms

I have worked with Anita for many years and have found that their breast forms are of the highest quality.  I have never really worked out why their excellent prostheses are not available on the NHS, particularly as they have several patented designs which are really good.  These were the first breast prostheses I stocked at my shop, as I think their lightweight range are some of the most natural feeling and comfortable forms to wear. 

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Anita Amica Supersoft (1151X)
Light Weight Triangular Supersoft breast form featuring Flexgap system. Available in sizes 1 - 14
Anita EquiTex (1057X)
Silicone shell that can be filled with fibre-fill to get the perfect size and shape. Available in sizes Small - Super Large.
Anita TriNature SoftLite (1051X)
Light Weight Triangular Breastform, with a Flexgap to allow natural movement.
Anita TriTex - Ultra Lightweight Prosthesis (1055X)
Ultra lightweight silicone prosthesis with soft micro fibre backing.
Anita Active (1054X)
Ribbed triangular breast form ideal for swimming. Available in sizes 0 - 12
Anita Active Asymmetrical (1084XL/R)
Ribbed asymmetrical breast form ideal for swimming. Available in sizes 3 - 12
Anita Sequinature Partial (1028X2)
Tear drop shaped partial prosthesis ideal for use after a partial mastectomy or reconstructive surgery. Available in sizes 3 - 12
Anita EquiLight initial Care Form (1018X)
Fabric initial care triangular foam breast form. Available in sizes 1/2 - 9/10
Anita TriFirst (1014X)
Fabric initial care triangular breast form. Available in sizes 1/2 - 11/12
Anita Ocean Active Swimming Prosthesis (1082X)
Swimform ideal for regular swimmers. Sizes 0-12.
Anita Pure Fresh Swimform
Silicone form specially designed for active use. Sizes 0 - 12.