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Amoena Bras and Breast Forms


Not many of you will have heard of Amoena as a lingerie company, as they specialise only in post-mastectomy lingerie and breast forms.  However, dont be put off by having never heard of them they produce some great stuff !

Amoena  are a German company, started up in 1975 by Cornelius Rechenberg who was determined to re-invent the breast form using silicone (breast forms at the time were bags filled with oil or another inert liquid).  His efforts were successful and have led to Amoena being one of the world leaders in silicone breast form technology.

It was not until 1992 that the first post mastectomy lingerie was produced, followed four years later by a range of pocketed swimwear.

In the UK, Amoena are based in Eastleigh near Southampton from where the serve the whole of the UK and Ireland.

In terms of products Amoena produce some of the most innovative silicone breast forms you can buy.  They have a full range of forms of differing weights, shapes and sizes, and have been very successful in getting NHS hospitals to offer their prostheses to ladies immediately post surgery.

They are also particularly well known for their contact breast forms.  These breast forms have a “permanent” adhesive on the underside – which allows it to be stuck to the chest wall for extra security.  The adhesive is “re-energised” simply by washing the form (with the recommended cleanser) and can stay sticky for many years depending on use and care.

In terms of lingerie I have tended to prefer their bras over their swimwear, and some of their bras are my top selling pocketed bra.  Particularly the Amoena Francis front fastening bra which is ideal for immediately post surgery,  I recommend women take a couple of these into hospital with them.

Historically, like most companies producing pocketed lingerie, Amoena have produced “continuity” lines.  these are bras that do not change from season to season – and are available year on year.  These tend to be the old favourite colour:  Black, White, and Nude.

Just over the past couple of years they have reduced the number of continuity bras that are offered, and have started to introduce “seasonal” lingerie.  This is lingerie which is only available for one season (Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter), and is generally more fashionable or a bit more daring in terms of styling.

I have just taken delivery of my first batch of seasonal bras (for Autumn/Winter 2013) and I love them.  I have another batch coming in for Spring/Summer 2014.  Something with a bit more colour and prettier than the vast majority of of mastectomy lingerie.  I do hope they have enough interest from across Europe to continue producing these lovely bras.

You can take a look at my full range of Amoena mastectomy bras by clicking here – and my full range of Amoena Breast forms by clicking here.

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