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How can I stop the Double-Boob look ?

Hi Ladies

Do you suffer from bulging boobs spilling over the tops or side of your bra.  If so,  you probably need to have a good look at the the size and shape of the bra you are wearing.


The Double-Boob Phenomenon


If you are spilling out of your bra – it is almost certainly not the correct fit for you.

cartoon double boob


Do you recognise any of the following:

“Side Boob” – in which the underwiring of your cup sits actually on the breast rather than on the ribcage.  This causes overspill at the side

“Quadra-boob” – in which breasts spill over the top of your bra cup creating the impression of four breast




So – why do your reasons why your boobs bulge out of your bra ?


  1. Your cup is too small – the most obvious reason, and quite often the case for ladies who have put on a bit of weight.
  2. You could be wearing the wrong style of bra  – a balconette style might not suit you anymore, which is often the case as your boobs become softer with age
  3. You may need more support with a fuller cup t-shirt bra.  Having your straps more central on your shoulders gives much better lift to the heaviest parts of your bust
  4. The centre front panel of your bra may be too low (plunge) and your shape may suit a deeper centre front.
  5. You may have the wrong shaped underwire for your boob shape.  Not all underwires are shaped the same, and the vary markedly between brands.  You need to find the underwire that best matches the shape of your boobs.


The benefits of a good fitting bra


We would never wear a pair of shoes that were the wrong size, but we do it all the time with bras.

double boob


Take some action and get yourself a well fitting bra.  It is so simple and you will certainly help you:

– Look slimmer and more shapely

– Improve your posture

– Be far more comfortable

– Feel more confident



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